North Aurora

North Aurora is a village and Chicago suburb in Kane County, Illinois, United States. The village maintains its own public library district, fire district, and police department, but public spaces and parks are managed by the neighboring Fox Valley Park District.

In its early history, North Aurora was known as “Schneider’s Mill” or “Schneider’s Crossing” after John Peter Schneider, a German immigrant who established a mill and dam on the Fox River after moving to the area in 1834. Schneider Elementary School, on the east side of the Fox River, is named after him. North Aurora was named due to its location north of Aurora, Illinois. The 1880 US Census was the first Federal census to use the place-name Village of North Aurora. It was formally incorporated in 1905.

School-age children in the village attend 5 public schools in the West Aurora Public School District 129, regardless of which side of the river they live on, with the exception of a few dozen homes in the far northeastern section of the village, in which the children attend Batavia School District 101. North Aurora’s own district was absorbed into its neighbor, Aurora, in the early 1960s.